The present Family Court building opened for business in December of 1988. Prior to that time the Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court judges and domestic relations personnel were located on the second floor of the Trumbull County Courthouse, while the juvenile detention center and the entire juvenile court operation were located in the basement of the old public library building on High Street, which now houses the county law library. The original detention center had six cells and was designed to house twelve juveniles.

During the early 1980's, then Trumbull County Commissioners Margaret Dennison, Anthony Latell, and Arthur Magee, along with Judge John D. DePietro and Juvenile Court Administrator James D. Maderitz, approached the state legislature about obtaining funds for a new facility. Their efforts were rewarded, and with funding provided by the State of Ohio, construction finally began during the mid 1980's. The design and engineering of the building was contracted to the firm of Mosure & Syrakis., Ltd. The new Family Court Center initiated operations on December 1, 1988, under the direction of then Judges Peter J. Panagis and Thomas F. Norton.

Today, the Family Court is currently under the operational control of Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court Judges Sandra Stabile Harwood and Samuel F. Bluedorn. The building is a two-story structure with the first floor housing the entire juvenile court operation, including the administrative offices, the magistrate's office and courtroom, probation department, diversion bureau, intake department, deputy clerks office for the juvenile Clerk of Court, juvenile prosecutor's offices, and the juvenile detention center. The detention center is a 24 hour, seven day a week operation with a bed capacity set at 38. Also, on the first floor are the domestic court Clerk of Courts office and the child support division of the Prosecutor's Office. The building's security officers, provided by the Trumbull County Sheriff's Department, are located at the first floor entrance.

The second floor of the building contains the courtrooms, chambers, and offices of Judges Sandra Stabile Harwood and Samuel F. Bluedorn and their staff. There are offices for the domestic relations administrative staff as well as offices and courtrooms for the various magistrates and staff who deal with the issues relating to divorces, dissolutions, custody, visitation, support, and parentage, along with the offices of the assignment staff.

The Trumbull County Maintenance Department is responsible for the daily upkeep and maintenance of the building.