The Juvenile Department and Juvenile Court are run under the direction of the Administrative Judge, who serves as Clerk of the Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court conducts hearings concerning minors, including delinquency, traffic, dependency, neglect, abuse, unruly, motions for permanent custody, custody, support, visitation, parentage and uniform reciprocal enforcement actions, and other additional matters. The following is a list of filing fees and Court costs for the Juvenile Court:

The Trumbull County Family Court Juvenile Division is now accepting payment by one of the following ways:


  • In person by credit card (all forms accepted), money order, or cash.
    An ATM is located onsite.
  • By telephone (330) 675-2375
  • Click here to pay online

Fees Effective 01/01/2022

Filing Fees

Complaints/New Actions - Parentage, Custody, Visitation

Complaints-Unruly/Delinquency, Adult Contributing


Objections or Motion to Set Aside


Agreed Judgement Entry (without Motion Pending)

Motion for Continuance



Court Costs


Non-Moving Traffic Violation

Moving Traffic Violation

Seat Belt Violation-Driver

Seat Belt Violation-Passenger




Traffic Diversion Program


Per Page

Certified Copies

***If you have questions regarding the above fees, please contact the Juvenile Clerk at (330) 675-2375.

The Trumbull County Juvenile Detention Center is a secure facility designed for the care and custody of incarcerated youths under age 18, pending disposition of their cases. The Center is operated 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year. While the Center ensures the safety of the public, it also tends to the well-being of the detained youths with many services. The telephone number for the Juvenile Detention Center, Control Room is (330) 675-2612.

Domestic Violence Alternative:

Trumbull County Juvenile Court is committed to serving the best interest of children and the community. The Court understands that domestic violence is a serious problem which impacts the family and also the community. For youth charged with Domestic Violence there is a necessity for the youth to be removed from the home, however, for youth who do not meet the criteria to be held in detention, he or she may be referred to a court appointed alternative. The use of the detention center is primarily reserved for juvenile offenders who are a threat to public safety.

About the Alternative Placement:

Cadence Care Network is a treatment foster care and community mental health organization that has been providing foster care since 1990. The agency has worked with Trumbull Juvenile Court to develop procedures that their licensed foster parents must follow for youth placed with them by the courts through this alternative program. The foster parents who were picked to be part of this program are highly experienced and have been trained to handle youth with domestic violence history and past juvenile court involvement.

Foster parents are expected to transport youth to and from court, to employment or to school if necessary during their temporary placement in the foster home. Foster homes will provide hygiene products and clothing if necessary.

Foster parents can administer medication to the youth if given to them when the child is picked up at the detention center.

Throughout your child’s placement in the foster home it is expected that your child will not have access to cell phones, social media and electronic devices.

The agency will call Trumbull Juvenile Court 24 hour access number if there should be an emergency with your child such as your child needing medical attention, AWOL or any incident of physical aggression.

Should you want further information about the organization please visit www.cadencecare.org

Court Appearance:

Your child will return to court the following business day for a hearing on the domestic violence offense. You are required to appear in court with your child and you and your child will meet with an assigned Court Staff prior to the Court hearing. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the Detention Center 24/7 at (330) 675-2612.

This program is funded through a grant from the Ohio Department of Youth Services

Mission Statement
Trumbull County Juvenile Court

To Administer Justice, Rehabilitate Juveniles, Support and Strengthen Families and To Promote Public Safety.

Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Diversion Departments

Our Mission...

The mission of the Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Diversion Departments are to serve the welfare of children and their families within a sound framework of public safety. The Departments are committed to providing the guidance, structure and services needed by every child under its supervision. In partnership with the community, the Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Diversion Officers direct delinquent and unruly children toward reforming their behavior and making responsible decisions.

The Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Diversion Departments operate under the following objectives:

  • To pursue a treatment/rehabilitation philosophy that dictates each minor be assessed individually and receive services tailored to meet that minor’s needs.

  • To provide its services on an outreach basis, sending probation and diversion officers into the community to offer assistance and supervision in minors’ homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

  • To establish strong working relationships between probation and diversion officers and minors to make their court involvement an opportunity for change and growth.

  • To respond effectively to the increasingly complex needs of children, encouraging the involvement of parents and enlisting the support of the community.

  • To assist the court in developing interventions which serve the needs of the minor and facilitate the restoration of the victim and of the community.

  • To employ a flexible supervision approach by assessing the needs of the minor versus the public safety risk factors. This approach ranges from bi-monthly supervision to intensive daily monitoring of children restricted to home confinement.

  • To strengthen family ties whenever possible. However, probation and diversion officers will recommend the court remove children from their homes if their safety or the security of the public is jeopardized by their continued presence.

  • To instill in all children a sense of responsibility for their actions and a belief in their own innate value and potential through a combination of individualized attention and community networking.

In order to meet these objectives, the Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Diversion Departments have developed innovative programs and initiatives.