The Juvenile Department and Juvenile Court are run under the direction of the Administrative Judge, who serves as Clerk of the Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court conducts hearings for minor concerning delinquency, traffic, dependency, neglect, abuse, unruly, motions for permanent custody, custody, support, visitation, parentage and uniform reciprocal enforcement actions, and other additional matters. The following is a list of filing fees and Court costs for the Juvenile Court:

The Trumbull County Family Court Juvenile Division is now accepting payment by one of the following ways:


Fees Effective 03/23/2015

Filing Fees

Complaints/New Actions - Parentage, Custody, Visitation $140.00
Complaints-Unruly/Delinquency, Adult Contributing $75.00
Motions $100.00
Objections $50.00
Appeals $181.00
Agreed Judgement Entry (without Motion Pending) $50.00
Motion for Continuance $20.00
Expungement NO CHARGE

Court Costs

Unruly $57.00
Non-Moving Traffic $75.00
Moving Traffic $90.00
Seat Belt Violation-Driver $30.00
Seat Belt Violation-Passenger $20.00
Misdemeanor $90.00
Felony $100.00

***If you have questions regarding the above fees, please contact the Juvenile Clerk at (330) 675-2375. NOTE: THE JUVENILE COURT DOES NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS FOR PAYMENT OF COSTS AND FEES.